Miscellaneous Images from Orillia & Surrounding Areas

Orillia - Winter Roads 2

Fir trees drooping with their heavy load of winter snow at the edge of the roadside along Harvie Settlement Road.

Orillia - Lake Simcoe Near the Narrows

A boatride on Lake Simcoe near the "The Narrows" area where Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching flow together. Here, the shoreline is dotted with waterfront homes and cottages.

Orillia - October Mist

In the moments after dawn as the sun rises, this colourful scene comes into it's autumn glory. Reds and browns dominate this, while the mist above the highway obscures the autumn trees in the background. This is the hillside leading down to the cut off ramp at Highway 12 & Mississaga Street.

Orillia - November in Brown

Along one of the trail areas in Orillia is a field, mostly hidden by the trail unless one crosses the small creek that runs along the edge of the trail - once across the water the fields and open space are visible. This property backs onto the old Otaco property and the lovely combination of browns against a blue sky drew my eye.

Orillia - Old Auto Shed

Along the trail through Orillia are many interesting sites, including this large old shed used for an automotive repair & body shop. This is located along the portion of the trail that runs from West Street to James Street, parallel to Barrie Road.

Orillia -Protected Wetlands

Within the city limits one can find a number of areas listed as protected wetlands. Here, this view is scene from one of the nature trails in Orillia - in the background you'll see a portion of Memorial Avenue.

Orillia - Wetland in Summer (02)

Another area of protected wetlands within the city of Orillia. This large pond/wetlands is located at the edge of the nature trail that runs up behind the Huronia Regional Centre and opens onto Woodland Drive. Just a short distance into the trail from Woodland Drive you'll find this large wetlands, complete with ducks, geese, beavers, turtles, muskrat and other wetlands creatures, including numerous smaller birds.


Pond and marsh along one of the local nature trails inside the city limits of Orillia.

Orillia - March Thaw In Wetlands

An early thaw in one of the wetlands surrounding Orillia.

Orillia - Spring thaw in the wetlands surrounding the Trans Canada Trail running through Orillia.

Orillia - Lake Simcoe from Kitchener Park

A view of Lake Simcoe from the edge of Kitchener Park, and the bottom of West Street (south) in Orillia, Ontario

A corner of Woodside Park in Orillia with the early morning sunlight shining through the trees. The Park has paved walkways, sport courts and playground equipment. The second photo is the entrace to Woodside Park found at the end of Allan Street.

The building used by the Orillia Rowing Club on the grounds of Tudhope Park. This area once housed the Park Canteen (snack bar) and store where campers could buy essentials like milk and bread, and kids could fill up on gum and candy.

Orillia -Tudhope Park Winter View 2

A winter view of the point with it's waterfront homes taken from Moose Beach adjacent to Tudhope Park.

Orillia - Tudhope Park Winter View

A view of Tudhope Park during winter.

Orillia - Barnfield Point Recreation Center

The recreation center at Barnsfield Point resting on the grounds of Tudhope Park. This is home to the Orillia Curling club, but also contains a popular snack and restaurant area.


The Huronia Regional Centre - as seen from the waters of Lake Simcoe this institution has been in existence in one form or another for about 100 years. Now, it's berefit of it's residents (all moved into group homes) and many of the buildings lie empty and hollow. The beach and it's lovely park is abandoned, for the moment, while the government decides what to do with the property.

Some of the buildings are used by Orillia for it's court house, and for the Credit Union, originally established for workers at the HRC. Other buildings are used by the OPP.


Tudhope Park - manicured lawns and wispy trees.


The Point - Tudhope Park


The Narrows - marina areas at the Narrows, with the highway overpass in the background. Here is where Lakes Simcoe and Couchiching flow into each other.



Moose Beach Point - taken from Moose Beach at Tudhope Park this jutting piece of land is replete with large and expensive waterfront homes.

Orillia - Birds On Pilings

Birds resting on old dock supports at Lake Simcoe (Smith's Bay), near the Narrows. Orillia, Ont.


Boating - a popular past time in and around Orillia. This one is from Lake Simcoe.