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Orillia will always be a work in progress, as will this site dedicated to Orillia and her surrounding areas.  Although I've been photographing Orillia for some years, I have only just begun to categorize many of the older images and have decided to publish this work for viewing, and that's how the seeds for this little site were planted.

One of the more interesting facts about Orillia is that they generate their own hydro-electric power, and have been doing so since the late 1800s. This is just another of the the funny little quirks that make Orillia one of the more unique communities in this area. Read more about Orillia Power and it's history on this page: Orillia's Own Power!

A familiar sight down at the Port of Orillia in the spring right through to fall; people in the park, and boats in the harbour.

When I came to Orillia (40 years ago) I loved its natural setting and quaint houses. Coming from Toronto, the differences were vast back then - there was no transit system, and almost everything closed early. Today, just like other larger towns and cities, Orillia has all the modern amenities, including local buses!

In less than a year I had come to love the small streets lined with Victorian homes and mature trees. It was beautiful and peaceful. I loved the beaches and waterfront, the funny old shops along the main street; and even the old cobbled together library.
I soon realized Orillia was a marvelous place to raise children, and to enjoy a less hectic, and somewhat safer life.

Major crimes occur everywhere, but they are rare events in Orillia, particularly those of the more violent type. It isn't perfect, but it's better that where I came from. I love this town - it has become a "city", but Orillia will always be "town" to me.

Like any other place, Orillia isn't perfect. There is some bad with the good. The difference is the people, and so the good is very good, and outweighs the bad.

There is no where else I'd rather live, because no where else could become "home" so quickly, or so well, as Orillia.

In the summer months, Orillia is a jewel of emerald green surrounded by sapphire waters, and in winter, sometimes the smooth hue of a perfect pearl or the white sparkling fire of a diamond touched by the rays of sun. Visitors to Orillia come year round, and many cottages or "summer homes" in this area are built for 4-season use.

Living an active lifestyle in Orillia is made easy with the many activities available - boating, water skiing, swimming, rowing, skateboarding, ice & figure skating, organized hockey, curling, tennis, baseball, soccer, biking and a myriad of other sports. Through Orillia are many nature and walking trails, some paved and some crushed gravel. There are three waterfront parks in the city and, within 5 minutes of downtown Orillia, a Provincial Park.

Pavilion in Couchiching Beach Park, Orillia
For those looking to bring their businesses to Orillia, there is a good base to draw on for workers, whether the business is industry, wholesale or retail based.

The City of Orillia has quite a lot of information available for those interested in bringing their business to town, and are usually willing to work with prospective developers.
For more information on Orillia and the great things you can do here (whether vacationing or moving), check out the Orillia Chamber of Commerce Website, which has a good list of events happening throughout the year, or see the City of Orillia site, with information on business opportunities, and living in Orillia.

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