Remembrance Day 2023

In Orillia, remembering the veterans who kept us free and safe begins at the first of November. Between October 27th and November 11th  please support the Poppy Campaigns throughout the city to honour and support our veterans. Yes, you can get one free, though supporting the Veterans Poppy fund with a donation is always welcomed (and in my view, really necessary).

More information on the Poppy campaigns can be found at the Legion Branch 34 Facebook Page.

Between the 5th and 11th of the month is Veteran's week. Please take time to not only remember what our veterans fought (and many died) for. Be grateful that we there are still a free country because of those who gave so much for the rest of us. 

November the 8th is a special day of recognition for Canada's Indigenous Veteran's Day.  These men fought alongside every other veteran in Canada and are a part of our armed forces. Rama has a special ceremony on Remembrance Day (Nov 8), and some members of Branch 34 RCL will be attending in the parade and for the services. If you honour all veteran's, please make an effort to attend.

Orillia's Remembrance Day ceremony will once again be November 11th, at the Orillia Soldier's Memorial Hospital at the cenotaph, with the parade beginning a short time before the ceremonies which are usually around 10:40 to 10:50 (start time).

The Veteran's Parade sounds to be somewhat shorter than early years, but will be taking place this year.