The Burger Pit is Back!

Okay, I have to say it right up front ... The Burger Pit is NOT in Orillia, but it's on the way to Orillia for anyone heading north along Highway 11 to the cottage, or even home from working in the "the south". Technically, it's in Oro-Medonte township, right next to the Treehaven Golf course, and across the road from Bella Vista RV and Heidi's. Anyone who has been around Orillia long enough, is likely to already know about the Burger Pit, and probably has some fond memories. 

When our kids were young (ahem, that would be about 40ish years ago) we'd used to take our kids out the Burger Pit in the summer, most of the time for ice cream, but when we could afford it, we'd take them to grab a burger and fries. It was a much smaller building back then (just up from where it is now), but at that time, other than French's in the park, it was one of the best burgers around. Now, there are many more choices of course, but the Burger Pit is also a "memory pit" for some of us.

Seeing it open this year (first trip was a few weeks ago) brought back memories of a time when we had most of our life still ahead of us, and now, here we are looking back. We've been back to the Burger Pit twice ... the most recent last night for supper.

The people who run it now aren't the people who had it  "way back when", but they're friendly folks and both times have been pleasant and helpful. And they serve up a delicious burger, hot dog and fries. That's all we've eaten there, and I haven't been inside (so I haven't seen the full menu), but they do also serve Kawartha Dairy ice cream (Yay!)

Right now, they also have a "help wanted" sign in the window.

Outdoors there are four tables outside for those who want a (noisy-ish if traffic) picnic experience (we sat out), but they also have about half a dozen indoor tables for those who prefer.

So, anyone local heading south might want to pop off the highway on their way and grab a quick bite at the Burger Pit; anyone heading north along the highway might want to do the same and, oh yea, all you folks golfing at Treehaven - head over to the Burger Pit for a cone!