Blaine's Auto - Local Business

For the last several months my husband has been taking his prized possession (a 2012 Ford F-150 with Eco Boost) to Blaine's Automotive, out on Highway 11 north (Severn). So, yes, another business not exactly "in" Orillia, but local enough that it doesn't take long to get there, and is definitely worth a visit if you need service (car or truck, or even camper).

My daughter has been using them for a while, and she recommended we try them (I say we, but I don't drive so it's really up to the driver), and my husband has been using them ever since for mechanical work.

We bought a camper a month or so ago and have spent time stocking it with necessary
living items but he wanted to have the wheel bearings checked before we take it on the road, so Blaine's was the destination. Not only did they grease them, they checked all the breaks as well, so we're good to go.

They're friendly, efficient, do good work for a good price, and that makes the husband a happy camper!  

Check out their site for location and more info!