Today is the Last Day

... to vote in the current municipal election.

If you didn't, make sure you get out and do it!

If you live in the City of Orillia, make your vote count. There were many advanced voting options for residents to vote early if they needed (or wanted) to, and today is a final reminder.  After all, you can't really complain about what happens in the city or on the council if you didn't get and out vote.

Voting in a city council that has both the city's best interests and the constituents best interests at heart isn't an easy thing do.  We all have our own ideas about what we want to see happen, but we also have to remember that as an individual, what seems best for ourselves isn't always what's best for our neighbour, our neighbourhood, or our city.

We have to live here together, so respecting others' choices or ideas (even if we don't agree) is an important thing to remember.  Learning to handle the things we may not like with diplomacy helps make this city a great place to live.

I hope that the newly elected council conduct the city's business (and keep in mind that the city's business is OUR business too) with repect for each other.

Progress for our city is important, but the right progress is more important than just any progress.

  Exercise your right to vote!