Home Water Services, and It's Not FREE.

But it is a scam?  Maybe, maybe not. But there are things you should know. They claim the system is free (yeah, more on that later) and there's a reason for that. Not because they are being altruistic. It's because they aren't allowed to sell this kind of thing in Ontario, door-to-door. Not since the laws have been changed. See Door-to-door sales and home services contracts.

Be careful what you agree to, and know that you have a period of time after the contract is signed to back out of it.

The other day (Thursday, 10/4 or Friday, 10/5 - terrible to be so forgetful of the days, isn't it?) there was a pair of folks come to our door - a young fell (tall) and a young girl.  I guess when I answered the door I didn't seem very receptive (we get a lot of solicitations for things like donations to Sick Kids hospital (we support them, but not at the door), or other charities, and lately of course the political candidate campaigners) and they noticed ... the guy asked if he had grown another head.

No, of course not but people in matching blue jackets with logos and a clipboard in their hands are not here to say hello, are they?

He asks about our water pipes - are they copper or plastic?  I dunno, probably plastic but maybe some copper. Then he asks about our main water shut off - it is accessible or behind drywall? Again, I dunno. Water pipes aren't something I pay much attention to.

Then he says, it doesn't matter (so I'm thinking to myself ... then why are you asking), and that they are there to install a water filtration system for us. I tell him I don't want one thanks. He says they are free.

He goes on to talk about how bottled water is expensive, and how we don't drink tap water because of the chlorine, calcium and fluoride in it (Orillia doesn't have fluoride in their water, and anyways we do drink it) and how much better it is once we install this.  I told him I'd still buy bottled water. Sorry, but when I'm heading for a workout, a plastic bottle already full is just faster and easier than filling one at the tap. And I don't toss water bottles in the garbage. (I don't think they knew much about Orillia)

I look at his jacket logo and then ask him "what's in this for Home Water Services".  I guess you cantell from the moment I opened the door I knew there was something not quite right here. I felt like Gretel (from Hansel and Gretel), waiting for the cookie to drop.

His answer was so off the wall I was a little speechless to say the least (not very good training I'd say). "They get to help stop tons of plastic bottles from being deposited in the landfill, and help everyone go green."  Yeah, that was it. That's why a water company is going to install a $2,000 water filtration system (we know because we've priced them locally) in our home for free, right?  Not a chance.

At that point, my husband comes to the door and I let him deal with them. I grabbed my tablet and did a search for the company.

There isn't much on them, and most of what I found was a few years old. The system might be free, but you pay through the nose for maintenance and replacement filters, and that's what they don't tell you.

Someone else (See: Medium) did some research on them too after getting a visit, but that was last year. They indicate that Home Water is the website for this company, but I'm not very sure of the logo. The jackets were a darker blue, with white lettering, and I don't recall there being a design next to the lettering. The odd thing about the website are the locations: 
With offices located in Ontario Canada, California, Illinois, Michigan and Nevada, our teams comprise of knowledgeable, experienced, accredited and dependable experts.

Am I the only one that thinks an American company with 4 locations also has one in only Ontario?