It's Almost Here!

Directional signs to the Big Cedar clubhouse and community, and a large green and white sign proclaiming their yard sale dates and time.
It's that time of year again, isn't it? The garage sales have started full force - oh sure, they've been going since early May (most of those were too cold to spend time outside for long though) but they really move into full swing around the beginning of June. (Oh, before I forget ... now has a section to post your garage sales and you can print the page out if you're an avid garage sale goer. Some weeks, there's lots and others, not so much. Be sure to check the page before you head out Saturday mornings.)

One of the sales we always keep an eye out for is the one that Big Cedar Estates runs, usually every year or so. The reason? It's a sale that involves the entire community and has a variety of things to peek at ... lots and lots of books usually, so if you're a person that loves to read, this sale is usually an excellent place to stock up for the summer. If you can get there right at the opening bell (okay, there's no bell, but get there when it starts) you usually have a nice pick of smaller furniture pieces, a few electronics, often some mobility items (canes, walkers, etc.) and sometimes items needed for home-care (bed rails and other similar items). Back when my hubby was needing stuff, I got a walker ($5), and a padded bath chair with a back and arms ($5), and at that time, we couldn't have afforded the rental fee for as long as he would need them.

There's usually a large area with a variety of clothing (mens & womens, not many kids things because Big Cedar is a community for 55 and older, but sometimes a few kids things and toys); sometimes outdoor activity/sport items; a variety of household things ... just about everything (maybe even the kitchen sink) Oh ... and there's usually some food in the offering too :)

Sign at the entrance to the Big Cedar Seniors community park.
This is not the entrance for the Garage Sale
Plus, the men and ladies from Big Cedar are always friendly & helpful, and it's usually fun to spend half an hour or so out there just "chin-wagging".

Coming this Saturday (June 23rd). See the map for the location - take note that the garage sale isn't found inside the community itself, you access the club-house area from the 13th concession. There's not usually any on-site parking, but this is a country road (barely 5 minutes from town) where you can park along the roadside on the shoulder, or down at the boat launch area.

Bring your wallets and your coffee and head on over Saturday morning ... a little fun never hurt anyone.

A map of the garage sale location for Big Cedar Estates.

... and yes, the map is upside down. The majority of people coming from town (Orillia) out to the sale are likely to come along Bass Lake Sideroad from the Westridge area.