Ribs, Pork and Tudhope Park

Infographic for the Orillia Rib Fest, 2017
Coming up for all you fans of craft beer (or just beer) and BBQ ribs ... get ready for the mouthwatering Orillia Rib & Craft Beer Fest. Orillia's had ribfests in the past, but this year is shaping up to be an awesome one.  Offerings run from craft beers to ribs, pulled pork, chicken and a host of vendors and crafty things. Admission to the festival is free, but be sure to bring your wallet if you want some good eats.

You can find out more from their page on Facebook, or from the Northern Heat Rib Series website.

Held at Tudhope park it's adjacent to Moose Beach for those who need a dip to cool the heat, and the waterfront is complete with a kids waterpark (there are indoor washrooms just off the beach). If you're the type that suffers from bug bites, be sure to bring some protection (and don't forget the sunscreen).

Part of the trail between Tudhope Park and the Narrows, Orillia
Between Tudhope & Narrows
Tudhope park is surrounded by water (for those who haven't been) and has tons of green space. There is parking, which is free but parking is limited and can fill up pretty quickly. Just across the highway is a boat launch area where you might get a couple of additional spots if the boat launch isn't busy.

The park is also home to the curling club building, which gets used for all sorts of events when the ice is out. And they also have a pretty decent little restaurant there as well.

A paved walking trail along the water front at Tudhope Park.
Walking Trail at Tudhope
For anyone whose reasonably close to the park, and who likes physical activity Tudhope park is about a 20-30 minute walk from downtown if you take the trail between Couchiching Beach Park and Tudhope Park (so you might also find parking at Couchiching Beach Park if you want to take that option). There are two trails adjacent to each other - one is gravel/dirt, and one is paved, so can be used for roller blades, bicycles, kids in strollers, and just walking. It's a nice walk between the two ... I've done that walk hundreds of times (on both trails). By bicycle it would maybe take 10 minutes (no motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail, and that includes e-bikes, although motorized wheelchairs are allowed).

Couchiching inn hotel adjacent to Tudhope Park.The trail doesn't end at Tudhope park either. From Tudhope park it leads all the way out to the narrows, by the marinas (and the old railway swing bridge) so if you're a boater who keeps your boat at the marina, you could walk from there along the trail to Tudhope park ... it's maybe half a mile, and takes no time at all.  If you plan to visit overnight, there is a hotel right at the edge of the trail as it leaves Tudhope Park - it's basically a walk across the road to get into the park, and it's about the closest hotel to the park (Couchiching Inn: see our page here)

I will admit, I haven't attended previous rib fests, although my son-in-law most definitely has, and has proclaimed the event as "awesome", so hubby and I are planning to get there this year (not for the beer, though ... there is that) and have a wander through it ... but I'm pretty sure my diet will go out the window if we do get there .

Benches along the trail and waterfront at Tudhope Park, Orillia
Benches to rest line the walking paths at Tudhope Park.

A field full of green space at Tudhope Park, Orillia
Field at Tudhope Park