Boots & Hearts ... Where's Yours?

Worn cowboy boots over a tinfoil heart.
It's coming ... very soon!  The 2017 Boots and Hearts Festival:  If music is your thang, this this may be a great way to spend your weekend.

Okay, the starting date actually isn't a weekend (August 10th-13th 2017) and the event isn't actually in Orillia, but it's close enough to be included as part of the newsy blog posts to keep visitors updated to what's going on.

Situated on Burl's Creek Event Grounds there is camping available. The Boots & Hearts website has links for hotels but the property is middle-ground between Barrie and Orillia, so there are many options in both towns for hotels/motels (some of Orillia's are marked on the map). It's also pretty much "at" Hawkestone, where there are other camping locations (see our camping page), and there are a couple of "not too far away" Provincial Parks (Ramara Provincial Park, Bass Lake Provincial Park, McRae Point Provincial Park). Not all of the parks on the map are camping equipped so best to phone ahead to find out if there are spaces available.

You can order tickets and space at the Boots & Hearts Website (linked above).