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NOTE: Please see the BLOG section for updates to shopping. Some stores have closed, while new ones have opened. This page contains historical data, and beginning in 2017, a lot of changes have occurred to the shopping districts. Westridge area has grown considerably, and several stores in other plazas have left altogether (Sears, Fabricland, Big Lots, etc)

Although the major shopping areas are grouped in three main locations of Orillia, there are several other smaller malls and shops scattered throughout Orillia that may be of interest to those intent on looking for the best deals, or something different.

Fittons West Plazas

There are two smaller plazas located at the corner of Fittons Road and West Street North. If you are heading to the Orillia Square Mall by driving north on West Street, you'll drive right past them. The larger plaza contains a large Dollarama Store, and the only Fabricland in town. Along this plaza there is also a good Drug Store (IDA), and Little Caesar's Pizza. There are several business-type units, as well as a laundry mat, nail care salon, Cash stop, and a Mr. Sub on the end.

In the front corner of the plaza is a convenience store, (it's your basic "quick-mart"), and a gas pump. Beside the quick mart on one side is Carlson Wagonlit Travel, and on the other side, M & M's meat shop (super place for meat choices rather than the local grocer's).

Directly across from this portion of the plaza is (you guessed it) another Tim Horton's. Beside "Timmy's" is Kentucky Fried Chicken, and then another strip-style plaza with a computer shop (Encode Computer Services), another variety store, a video shop, an often frequented (by me, and other family members - they get a lot of newer books, and recent releases) used book shop (The Book Re-View), a very busy restaurant (busy because it's good - good food, and good service - The Gung Ho Restaurant which also serves good Canadian food), a tanning salon (Beach Bodies), and a hair salon.

Giant Tiger

At the complete opposite end of town is a large Giant Tiger, which shares the corner space at Atherley Road & Gill Street with another dollar store (Dollar Tree). It seems that Orillia probably has almost as many dollar stores as they do coffee shops, and this corner would not be complete without it's own coffee shop - this one, a Country Style Donuts (excellent coffee ... maybe even better than (gasp) "Timmy's").

I have to say a little bit about Giant Tiger. This shop carries a large variety of clothing styles, right from the babies to the teens, to the older person. I do sometimes buy things here, but with care. These clothes are inexpensive, mostly made from lighter materials and don't often wash well if you aren't careful, but for a good way to refresh your summer wardrobe with pretty "frocks" or unusual styles of blouse or shirt, it's a decent choice. When you top-up a wardrobe for a seasonal change, even if the garment only does you for a summer or two, the costs are small enough that it's still affordable. Be warned though - many of these garments come from the east, and the sizing is smaller than normal Canadian sizes. If you normally wear a small, you might want to try it on before buying. I often end up (depending on the style and fabric) buying a medium instead.

Giant Tiger also carries groceries, and some household goods (inexpensive curtain panels, towels,  small appliances and electronics, sheets, etc.) and shoes. If you watch their flyer's, you'll see some good deals on groceries but again - be careful about what you buy. They sometimes have brands we've never heard of and we have a tendency to avoid those, but just as often, the brands are well-known names for good prices.

Across the road from Giant Tiger is a small building that used to be a large variety store, but has been subdivided into three shops: an adult/lingerie store, a Cash Loan shop, and a video shop.

Atherley Road

If you continue on down Atherley Road (towards Tudhope Park), you'll come to Rick's Upholstery at the corner of Atherley Road and Moffatt Street. We've had upholstery work done here and been happy with the results. There aren't many places around to get upholstery done any longer.

Moving on along Atherley Road a couple of blocks you'll come to another Tim Horton's, a Pioneer Gas Station, and behind it, The Beer Store. Keep going and when you hit the lights at Forest Avenue you'll see the Atherley Plaza on the right. A once busy plaza, which now only has a few offerings left. A "Mac's Milk", Square Boy Pizza and a laundry. BUT ... right across the road is BJ's Restaurant (in an old blue house on the corner. Worth a stop for breakfast or lunch. Not much to look at on the inside, but excellent food, and usually good service. It's kind of like eating in your kitchen at home.

Next to the Atherley Plaza is a bunch of fast food outlets - a Mr. Sub, then a Hair Salon, a KFC. A few more steps and you'll find one of the most unique offerings I've seen in the town ... "The Lost World" reptile shop. As far as I know, it's the only one of it's kind here. And beside that, Grover's Family Restaurant (yep, another family restaurant, also good food.)

...More to come.

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