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Orillia has several small "strip-style" motels within the town limits that would be okay if you only need a place to sleep for the night, or for a couple of days where the intention is to spend all of your time out of the room at a festival or event, and only return there to sleep at night. Nearly all of them are older, built between the 1930s and 1960s, and pretty much all of them are family owned. None of them can be considered as luxury accommodations, but most have rooms updated with modern amenities.

Maples Motel (Website)
107 Neywash Street
Orillia  705-326-3561 or 1-877-861-3281

Don't let the street-side view fool you with this one. It's old, but clean with budget pricing, and the rooms are painted regularly. Like the other small motels, this is family-owned and run. The staff are the owners, and provide friendly and welcoming service to their clients. I know a few people who have stayed here (mostly when the hotels are full) and on their first visit, ended up being quite surprised.  So surprised in fact, they've gone back on subsequent visits to stay at The Maples instead of booking elsewhere.  In the past, the Maples didn't have a great reputation in town, mostly because it was a little run down. New owners took over and went to town painting and updating. Rooms have been updated with modern amenities (see their website for a listing).

The rooms still have old-style panelled walls, but the rooms have all been painted with a "cottagey-country" feeling that is both casual and welcoming. No, it isn't luxury, but it's cute. It's also one of the cleanest motels in town. I haven't heard anyone (that I know who has stayed there) say anything bad about it - they've all been surprised and how comfortable the stay was. Most have commented on how friendly and accommodating the people are. The only drawback is parking - there is parking, it's just pretty tight. If you show up with with a boat and trailer, you might not fit (though I suspect people park at the back in the plaza lot sometimes.)

There is no on-site restaurant, but virtually at it's doorstep are two long-standing eateries. The Royal Oak Restaurant (Chinese and Canadian fare), and Rombos (Italian and Canadian). Rombos is known all over Orillia for it's breakfast, and you (literally) can walk out of your motel room, and reach Rombos in a minute (Rombos is the building with the red sign at the right side of my photo).

Directly behind the motel, is Couchiching Beach Park, and it is a block away from Orillia's main street, making it a perfect location for those attending any event at the waterfront and/or main street. It also sits right at the edge of a small plaza with the Metro grocery store, and The Golden Wok (a Chinese Buffet), and across the road is a large Shopper's Drug Mart. If you walk through the parking lot of the plaza, right in front of you will be the Royal Canadian Legion and the Island Princess dock.

Although their website says it's only 10 minutes from Casino Rama ... that's wrong. It's much closer to 20 to 30 minutes (depending on traffic); on a busy summer weekend, it can easily take you half an hour to reach the casino from town.

But, be warned ... this place is almost never empty. If you want a clean, comfortable place to stay for a night or two that's right in the middle of everything Orillia ... book ahead!

Holiday Motel (Website)
436 Laclie Street
Orillia (705)-325-1316 or 1-866-677-4626

This motel is a little larger than the Maples, and a little newer, but the rooms are decorated a little more like a "bedroom at home" with some rooms having wallpaper borders and ceiling fans, but otherwise it's basic motel fare.  It's pretty hard to put luxury into a "fast-stay" style accommodation. The Holiday is another family-owned motel, and although the rooms and furnishings are the basic motel-style, they have been updated to modern standards with things like wi-fi, mini-fridges, microwaves and updated bathrooms.

There's no on-site restaurant, and it's location is further away from most restaurants, but it's still a quick hop to the main street of town where you can find an array of places to eat, or you can order in - several places offer delivery in town. Right next to the Holiday Motel is a variety store, and The Beer Store. Across the road is the Foodland Grocery. About a half a block past the variety store is a small strip-plaza with a laundry, another (good!) place to eat called "Friend's Diner" (you can get take out from here too), another convenience store, a CIBC bank branch, and Guardian Drug store. This is within walking distance of the Holiday. Less than a half-block past the little plaza, you'll find the Hasty Tasty Diner - a typical 1950s diner, and it's been around since then too. Good food, but small with original-style decor makes it a charming stop for a meal.

The Holiday Motel has appealed to families for years ... almost as long as it's been around I guess. I will admit, I don't know too much about this motel in it's current state. I haven't ever had occasion to stay here, and I don't personally know anyone who has stayed here in the last 20 years. That doesn't mean much, other than I can't give a personal recommendation or say much about the owners. Their website does have a video available (as well as pictures).

King's Inn (Website)
370 Laclie Street
Orillia (705) 325-2354 or 1-800-530-7416

The King's Inn Motel is located a short distance from the Holiday Motel, and right next door to the Hasty Tasty Diner. To be honest, I can't say very much about this motel because I haven't been here (although we've passed it a thousand times on Laclie Street), but during on-season times and local events, there are always cars in the parking lot.

Again, this is an older motel that's been in Orillia for a long time. The rooms appear to be standard motel rooms, though do look a little larger than some of the other motel rooms. You can see the rooms by visiting their website, but I have no idea how old the images are. The website dates from 2011.

Don't be fooled by the "exterior" photos - they have a number of photos there of the Orillia waterfront, but they are NOT located on the waterfront, and you cannot see the waterfront from their location.  They are close enough to Couchiching Beach Park that you could arrive there in 5 to 7 minutes by car. Because it's only a few blocks away from the Holiday Motel, it too is close to the strip plaza with it's drug store, laundry, and Friend's Diner so there are things close by (walking distance), but you'll need to either drive and park if you want to attend events at the waterfront, or if you want to shop downtown.

Northcourt Motel

Lakeside Inn