Marigold Springs Orillia

The sign at the entrance to Marigold Springsthe entrance area at Marigold Springs, OrilliaMarigold Springs is becoming one of the most popular areas in and around Orillia for wedding photos, however, the owner of the property will allow other photo shoots, but you must arrange this with the owner, as this is a privately owned home and grounds.

There are acres of property with a variety of "sets", some in the forested areas, and some in the landscaped grounds (which can be seen from the roadway). Near the front of the property you can see a small, low waterfall surrounded by pathways of stone, a small white footbridge crosses the stream here, while to one side is a small wooden building, and many wildflowers adorn this shaded glen. Along the endge of the roadway is a tiny miniature wooden church.

A smal blue-painted wood church at the edge of Marigold Springs; this is a miniature buildingJust inside the entrance a white wagon replete with planted flowers, and a larger white carriage of the type normally pulled by horses, where you can get in to have your photos taken. The pond itself comes complete with a derelict pirate ship, docks, walkways, ducks, geese and swans, numerous small wooden buildings and sheds all with a charm of their own.

Just towards the edge of the manicured and landscaped lawns and gardens is an outdoor chapel of wood, where couples can choose to be married, and beyond that in the entrance to the forests, a small "wild west town" with wooden buildings and hitching posts.

The manicured lawns of the sideyard at Marigold Springs boast a white latice-work gazebo, perfect for brial photosThroughout the forested areas you may come upon little surprises here and there; a large wedding cake, a crooked wooden bridge, an outdoor seating area, or even Cinderella's castle. What you may find could depend on how adventurous you are.

There is parking for a number of cars on the property, so a small to medium size event can be held here, but any event plans will require you to visit the property and meet the owners. I once asked why they didn't have advertising or at least a website for people to visit. Mr. McLachlan smiled and said that they were almost always booked well in advance for weddings and events, mostly by word of mouth. As I looked around the property I understood why.

Bob and Margaret McLachlan
Marigold Springs
1689 Division Rd W RR#2
Orillia, ON
L3V 6H2

A wooden covered bridge hidden the forest at Marigold Springs, Orillia

A large wooden wagon painted white and planted with pretty yellow pansies, Marigold Springs Orillia

A shaded sanctuary with small waterfalls, stone-paved paths, wildflowers and white wooden footbridge across the running stream, Marigold Springs Orillia

a small waterfall flows from the larger upstream pond, Marigold Springs Orillia

just one of the pathways paved with stone at Marigold Springs, Orillia

a derelict wooden pirate ship in the pond at Marigold Springs Orillia

one of a number of gateways at Marigold Springs Orillia

a good prop for wedding photos - a very large wedding cake waiting for the

a small fair statue in the forest at Marigold Springs Orillia

one of the many forested areas surrounding the landscaped grounds at Marigold Springs

A white castle with arched entrance along a small forest path at Marigold Springs, Orillia

one of the many statues found at Marigold Springs, this one is in a parking area

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