Campgrounds Near Orillia

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While there are a multitude of other privately owned campgrounds, most of those are outside of the general Orillia area. The ones mentioned here are probably close enough to Orillia to interest anyone who needs to stay within a few minutes drive of Orillia, but those looking for summer vacation spots in the Muskokas will have a wider variety of campgrounds to choose from.

Provincial Parks

Bass Lake Provincial Park

Mara Provincial Park

McRae Point Provincial Park

Tudhope Park

Tudhope Park is NOT a campground any longer and hasn't been for many years. There are a few summer events held in this park where camping is allowed under restricted conditions.  Previously I believe the Ride for Sight was allowed tent camping, and during the Mariposa Folk Festival.  Currently, I'm not aware of any other events where camping in the park is allowed, and whether or not these events are allowed to continue with camping during the event is really up to the City of Orillia, which means decisions such as this can be altered or changed, or may change from year to year.  If you are part of those events, then your event planners will provide the camping information to you, but general public camping is not available at Tudhope Park.

The Hammock Harbour

We personally haven't stayed at The Hammock campgrounds, but we have been there to visit friends, and actually contemplated purchasing a trailer on a lot there, so we know the campground itself is pleasant, and in a pretty good location very close to town, and has a small harbour with a channel to the lake (see their website for aerial photos of the camp area).

The Hammock has seasonal lots, as well as weekly rates, and have lots that can accommodate trailers of most sizes. The park itself is pretty with lots of grassy areas and mature trees for shade in some areas. They also have a number on-site amenities from showers/laundry/washroom and recreation facilities, some small cabin rentals, swimming pool and mini-golf, among other things.

If you're looking to buy a trailer, rent a site, or just have a look around, it's worth a visit to their website first. The Hammock's website is packed full of information and photos about the campground.

Heidi's Campground

Heidi's Campground is located almost halfway between Orillia and Barrie, just off the edge of Highway 11. We have stayed at this campground many times when our kids were younger (we had a seasonal lot for a while there). We enjoyed this campground - it has natural surroundings and interesting things for families to do together while enjoying the outdoors. A number of times we've seen group campers on motorcycles come into the camp and park their small tents in the "back end" of the campgrounds. The groups were always welcoming (kids love motorcycles even if you can only look at them) and never noisy or roudy, and it was one of those things that helped entertain adults and kids at the same time. No, that doesn't happen every weekend, but it was definitely a treat when it did.

Back when we camped here the RV Sales Center out front (directly on the highway) was a restaurant. I will say that I missed that when it became the RV center - it was so nice every once in a while to take the family up to the restaurant and have a little break from camp cooking. They had the best Swiss Home Fries!

They have seasonal lots, tenting lots and daily lots. This is a family-oriented campground with an indoor swimming pool (great for families even if it's raining out) and hot tub. They are not located directly on the lake or water.

When we stayed at Heidi's there was an Exercise Course (which is still there I believe), and area with a covered bridge and an old wooden water wheel. This area begins underneath their painted water tower, which was always one of the landmarks people would look for along the highway.

Their website has a list of onsite offerings (sports areas;  pool table and arcade; horseshoe pits; kids playground; showers; onsite variety store etc.) There's also a slideshow giving visual references to the campground areas - worth a look if you are trying to find a central place to camp for events in or around Orillia or Barrie. Heidi's is about a 10 minute drive from Orillia.

Oro Family Campground

A private family-owned campground with camping lots and a few cabins. We've passed this campground thousands of times (located on Highway 11, across from Burl's Creek Event Park) but we've never been into the campground, so I'm uncertain of it's size. It's always been neat and clean, and does have some on-site features (laundry, washrooms/showers, a swimming pool, and camp store, among other things).

One of it's advantages is it's proximity to the Burl's Creek Even Park, and to Georgian Downs (horse racing/casino), the Barrie Speedway (stock car racing) and reasonably close to Big Curve Acres and Trehaven Golf and Country Club. This campground is a little closer to Barrie than Heidi's, so may be a good choice for anyone coming to the area for Barrie events.

Their website has contact information, directions, and reservation options.

The Grove Trailer Park

The Grove Trailer park is just north of Orillia off Highway 11 in a nicely secluded area with lakefront views. Although we have been there once or twice to visit, we personally haven't stayed here. The people we've visited at that park were all seasonal campers, and I am not certain whether they have any weekend or casual sites available, although they do sometimes have rental units available. The area is quite pretty and rustic (in a nice way) but I don't have a lot of information available because it's slightly outside of the areas we'd normally stay. The park is a short distance from Cumberland Beach, so it's perhaps 10 minutes or so from Orillia.

The best way to see the park and find out what is offered is to contact them via email (email address and phone number available on their linked site).

Point of Mara Resort & Trailer Park

This is one campground I haven't visited, although we have seen it from the water while out in our boat. The area itself is really beautiful. Located on the water you can watch sunrises and sunsets in a pretty, natural setting.

Besides the camp area, they do have a small motel, with fully equipped suites (think "small cottage"), which is a bonus for those who want to be in an outdoor camp setting but don't like to sleep outdoors. The campground has less than 100 sites, and does offer both seasonal and casual camping. They do have boat rentals (paddle boat, canoe, small motor boats for fishing etc.), on site playgrounds, horseshoe pits, beach area, washooms and showers. For a full complement and contact information, please visit their website.