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The beach area at Couchiching Beach Park; early morning with the moon still in the sky

Moon at Couchiching Beach - in the early morning hours just after sunrise the beach is lit with the warm tones of dawn, while in the sky one can still see the setting moon.

Orillia - Baby Ducklings in the water at Couchiching Beach

Orillia, Baby Ducklings - Every spring if one walks down to Couchiching Beach Park, or over to Moose Beach (at Tudhope Park) one can see the waters near the shoreline filled with parents and babies - ducks, that is. Here a crop of baby ducklings stick close together as they head out from the beach near the Town Dock at Couchiching Beach Park.

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 34; located at the foot of Mississaga Street on Orillia's waterfront, just behind Veteran's Park

Branch 34 of the Royal Canadian Legion, located adjacent to Veteran's Memorial Park on Orillia's waterfront.The Legion has a smallish piece of property, but it's location is nearly perfect - there is a small strip of parkland in front of the legion (the entrance to Veteran's Park), but they have a fantastic view of Lake Couchiching and the Port of Orillia from their many windows.

The Reflected Princess - reflections in the water of the Island Princess, Orillia's waterfront

The stern of the Island Princess tour boat, clearly reflected in the glassy waters at the harbour, Port of Orillia - Orillia, Ontario. Anyone caring to take a tourist cruise on the Princess has easy access to the ticket booth, which stands on the shore just at the edge of the dock where she is moored.

A morning sunrise lighting the breakwall at Port of Orillia

Sunrise over Lake Couchiching at the Port of Orillia - cabin cruisers and their owners lie sleeping peacefully in these few moments before the light of the rising sun fills their windows. This is a very common sight on any summer morning.

Park benches shrouded in a covering of snow in a corner of the Port of Orillia

Snow covered benches at the Port of Orillia - solemn and quiet the waterfront on a winter's night can be a magical experience.

Children posting for group photos at Couchiching Beach Park, Orillia

Kids posing at Veteran's Park on Orillia's waterfront - the area surrounding the pergola at Veteran's Park is very much like a large wooden deck, and is a perfect spot for family or wedding photos, or just for fun.

Orillia - New Waterfront Condos at the edge of Veteran's Park

New Waterfront Condos - At the time this photo was taken this building at the far end of Veteran's Park was still in it's completion stages. While this is a lovely building, it really doesn't belong along the waterfront. One of the things most of us living here do not want to see is a waterfront crowded by tall buildings - in fact buildings of almost any sort.

Lovely and expensive, this building really wasn't meant for your average Orillian. The penthouse unit was originally listed for sale at half a million dollars, and most folks I know who live and work in Orillia aren't going to be able to pay that. A small unit (suitable for one person) was listed well up over $250,000, and on top of these rather high prices you pay extra for docking privileges and a whopping condo fee.

Orillia - Veterans Park

A view of Veteran's Park in front of the Royal Canadian Legion at Orillia's waterfront. Orillia, Ont. This park is small in contrast to Couchiching Beach Park (which is adjacent to it), but it is frequented by skateboarders and families.

Orillia - Spring Trees in the park

Trees overlooking Lake Couchiching at Couchiching Beach Park in the early spring, just as they are about to burst into leaf. The pretty light-green tones of the tiny leaves and new spring grass contrast with the blue of the sky.

Orillia - Leafy Reflections - autumn leaves reflected in the waters of Port of Orillia

Autumn leaves float atop the waters of the harbour at the Port of Orillia. In the background are reflections from some of the trees at the Port. Lake Couchiching.

Orillia - Geese and Ducks Bathing at Veteran's Park

This view is from Veteran's Park at Orillia's waterfront. In the early hours of the morning before dawn, geese and ducks bathe in the waters of Lake Couchiching, while in the background you can see the sleeping homes and cottages on Cedar Island Road. Here, it's early spring and a light dusting of snow covers the houses and grounds with white.

Orillia - Couchiching Park in the early morning hours

A quiet and solitary morning at Couchiching Beach Park in Orillia. Here the old tree reaches down to the water and provides an area of shade at the corner of the sandy beach. Often in the mornings, ducks will be harbouring beneath it's branches in the little nook between sand and water.

Orillia - Autumn Splendor; bright red autumn leaves on trees at Couchiching Beach Park

Autumn Splendor - Trees in Autumn at Couchiching Beach Park in Orillia, Ont. This park is lovely at almost any time of the year, but one of my favourite times is autumn, when everything just bursts into magnificent colour.

a dark sunrise over Lake Couchiching from the Port of Orillia

Couchiching Beach before the sunrise, with a low moon hanging over the beach