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Georgian Bay - Bailing Water

Two men on Georgian Bay (Gloucester Pool area - "Little Chute") - one piloting the old metal fishing boat, while the other bails water from it's rusty bottom. This area is dotted with large and small cottages, as well as year round homes. During the winter months, this area is frozen over, and transportation from some of the island homes can only be made by foot, or on snowmobiles. There is often a point during the early winter before the waters are frozen fully that access is impossible from areas - the water is too frozen to take a boat through, but not frozen enough to handle a snowmobile.

Out here, there is a rugged beauty that is clearly visible in all months of the year, but one must be pretty hardy to want to spend their winters in an area where you might have to carry your groceries too and from the mainland by backpack.

Orillia - Scout Valley Quarry Pond

In the early spring the reflections of quarry rock at the edge of a natural pond on the Scout Valley property on Old Barrie Road at the outskirts of Orillia, Ontario. Scout Valley is an area that has been left mostly in its natural state - there are trails through park from many foot-falls, and at the entrance to Scout Valley you can find a map of sorts to help you find your way through the various trails - be warned though, this property is not flat and there is an almost constant "up and down" direction to most of the walkable areas, and there are points where the trail will lead you almost straight up. If you aren't fit, you may find this a difficult trek.

Orillia - Gravenhurst: Gull Lake

Gravenhurst's Gull Lake - A landscape view of the shoreline of Gull Lake opposite Gull Lake Park in Gravenhurst - part of the popular Muskoka's tourist areas. Gravenhurst lies about 20 mins. north of Orillia.

a new cottage being built in the Bala area

Bala Area - A very popular area for cottagers and summer homes; here, a new construction is nearly completed. One of the most popular nightspots here was known as "the Key to Bala" and summer would see an influx of visitors for this hot-spot.

Sunnidale Park and arboretum in Barrie, Ont.

Sunnidale Park and Arboretum in Barrie, Ont

Barrie - Sunnidale Park and Arboretum. This lovely park area in Barrie contains many tree specimens, along with open fields (for picnics and kids to run and play) and some forested areas where kids can explore nature. Here, in these two photos, the autumn colours are just beginning to show.

A small power generating station located in northern Ontario in Bracebridge

Bracebridge - the dam and waterfall at the power generating station in Bracebridge. Bracebridge has grown in the last ten years and has always been a popular destination spot for family holidays. Throughout most of Ontario it is well known for the popular "Santa's Village" theme park, but it has many other attractions worthy of tourists.

Muskoka River near Bracebridge and the High Falls park area

Bracebridge - The Muskoka River where it converges to form a small bay is also home to High Falls. Here, from the top of High Falls one can see a park area (left) and the distant areas of the Muskokas filled with autumn colour. To the lower right, a small bit of the falls is visible.

a condominium overlooking the water at Bracebridge

A pretty condominium building near the water in Bracebridge, Ont. A nicely designed building that blends well with its surroundings and overlooks the waters - the view from the upper floors must be wonderful.

carousel horses in collingwood, ont

Collingwood - well known for its popular (and very large) annual Elvis Festival, Collingwood puts on a large and colourful show for visitors and tourists. This carousel is just one of the kiddie rides found in the parking area of the arena downtown during the Elvis Festival.

one of the waterfront areas in Collingwood, Ont

Collingwood - a small area of the waterfront found at the foot of Collingwood's main street showing a breakwall with small lighthouse and very blue waters.

a small home surrounded by flooded fields on the outskirts of Orillia

Ramara Township - a couple of years ago (2008, or maybe 2009) we had so much snow over the winter that the spring melt (which happened much too quickly) caused a lot of flooding in some areas. Here, a house and the surrounding buildings (as well as parked leisure vehicles like travel trailers and vans) were almost unreachable, except by row boat. The farm fields adjacent to this particular place were so badly flooded we thought we'd gained a new lake...and so had some swans who happened to be swimming in the flooded field plain.

Elwood Epps sporting goods shop on Highway 11 North

Ellwood Epps Sporting Goods - a virtual institution in the Muskokas if you happen to be a hunter or fisherman. They carry the usual types of hunting gear including rifles and ammo (at least they used to), hunting and fishing knives, rods, reels, bows, arrows, etc. They also carry some hard to get products, so if you happen to be looking for something related to wildlife sporting, this is THE place to go in the Muskkokas. Located on Highway 11 north, about 10 minutes or so from Orillia it's easy to find, and interesting to wander through. The last time I was actually in the shop (some years back) they had some unusual display items...a tiny baby deer (mounted) caught my eye...and made me really sad. Anyhow, it's worth having a look 'cause Epps has been around just about forever, though the original owners sold the concern, it still looks much the same.

A golf course near Orillia

Golf Course near Orillia

Orillia and her surrounding areas have their fair share of golf courses - this is, after all, a tourism mecca and vacationers love their leisure. Of course, Orillia's residents make good use of all this green, too.

Orillia - Pampass Grass

Large fronds of pampas grass line the ditches around the roads in the Carthew Bay area, Orillia. At one time Pampas grass would not survive in our winters, but new strains have made this possible and each year the growth expands along the edges of roads and ponds, making a pretty spectacle on breezy days.

a cottage for sale on Bass Lake, just outside Orillia

A cottage listed for sale along the edge of Bass Lake in Oro-Medonte Twp, just outside of Orillia. This is a popular area for cottagers.

Heidis Wooden Waterwheel

The wooden waterwheel along the edge of Heidi's Campground on Hwy 11 North near Hawkestone, Ontario. Heidi's is a fairly popular place for campers - both the transient type ("overnighters") and the more permanent kind (park and stay).

the water tower at Heidis campground painted with an image of Heidi and the alps

Heidi's Campground - the painted water tower for Heidi's campgrounds which can be seen from the Highway. The water tower is a very familiar sight to anyone who travels up highway 11 on a regular basis.

the Segwun and the Wenona, tourist boats at Gravenhurst Ontario

Gravenhurst - frozen in for the winter at the Gravenhurst Wharf, the Segwun and sister ship the Wenonah II lay side by side, their sterns clearly visible. Once the ice and snow have melted into the lake, these two will ply the waters loaded with tourists.

The Wenonah, a tourist ship at Gravenhurst, frozen in for the winter

The Wenonah II Tour boat at the Muskoka Wharf in Gravenhurst. At the right hand edge of the photo you can just see a small portion of the bow of the Segwun, showing the difference is size between the two. The Segwun is better known than the Wenona II, though many people confuse the Wenonah for the Segwun.

the Muskoka Wharf at Gravenhurst - the docking area for the Wenonah and the Segwun

Gravenhurst - the Muskoka Wharf ticket office for the Segwun. In the bright sun of a cold winter's day the windows are shuttered and the doors are locked until spring.

part of the waterfront development at Gravenhurst

Gravenhurst - a rocky landscape at the edge of the lake near the Muskoka Wharf on Lake Muskoka. In recent years, the tourist waterfront area at Gravenhurst has undergone a lot of redevelopment.