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Mississaga Street in darkness, just before dawn
Mississaga Street East - just past the corner of Mississaga and West Streets. Very early before dawn one can often see the lights and storefronts glowing from a distance in the downtown area. This particular photo was taken 2005/2006 before downtown shops began a major effort to conserve energy. Some of the shops in this photo no longer exist (2010), and some have moved to other locations (Perfect Timing).

corner of Mississaga and Front Streets looking towards the waterfront
Orillia Downtown - Mississaga & Front Street. A view of the last leg of Mississaga Street from Front Street to the Waterfront. To the left is the edge of the Champlain Hotel. At the back edge of the hotel is a pub (the lighted sign which is barely visible on the background belongs to it) and part of the plaza housing a grocery store (among other things). Not visible in this photo are the train cars which make up The Ossawippi Express.

Here, a row of vintage style street lamps are adorned with winter snowflakes and hanging baskets of petunias. On the right side of this stretch of road (not visible in this photo) is the Liquor Store, and a restaurant with outdoor patio, and Branch 34 of Royal Canadian Legion.

Another view of the streets of downtown under stormy skies - even in weather that is less than pleasantly sunny you'll find a variety of people wandering downtown, street musicians still play outside and people still enjoy the quaint old buildings of Orillia's downtown core.

Brewery Bay Restaurant and Tavern, Mariposa Scents Shop, Mariposa Market, Mariposa Seasons

a view of the OutreMer shop on Mississaga Street

Outre Mer - another view of the Outre Mer shop on Mississaga St. in downtown Orillia. Here, the long narrow planter is filled with yellow and orange pansies making a warm and welcoming front, even in the dark of early dawn.

Downtown Streets - Showing Moe's, Apple Annie's and Mariposa Seasons, as well as a Used Book Shop

the front of the old Golden Dragon restaurant on Mississaga Street, Orillia
Chinese NewspaperChinese newspaper taped to a window in the Golden Dragon Restaurant in downtown Orillia. "The Dragon" has been around a long time (over 50 years), one of the most visited chinese restaurants in Orillia. At this particular time, the restaurant had been closed since the owner's had retired. Sometime later, new owners (relatives of the original owners) took over and changed it's look, and it's lovely original sign, to a more modern and contemporary design. It hasn't got nearly the charm of the original. Located on the middle block of Mississaga Street between West and Peter Streets, this restaurant stood the test of time. The new restaurant is Ace Chinese Food (I believe).

The Carson Building, downtown Orillia

The Old Carson Building - a side view of the Carson Bdg. downtown, now used as offices and apartments. This view shows the series of stairs built on the exterior for access to apartments. It's located on the corner of Coldwater and West Street, just across from the old city hall (now the home offices of Simcoe Community Services) and kitty-corner to the Evans Flower shop.

St. James Church, Peter Street and Coldwater Road, downtown Orillia

St. James Church - one of the larger downtown churches, St. James is located on Peter Street at the corner of Coldwater Rd, right across the street from the local Post Office, and next to the St. James apartment complex. Just down from Peter Street on Coldwater Road is the "Rectory" home for St. James. It has one of the most lovely interiors, and loads of smaller rooms and offices in the upper floors. At the back end of the church (in the basement) is the St. James "Pennywise" shop, where volunteers stock and sell used clothing and rock bottom prices. A few times a year they have a "bag" sale...$2.00 for whatever you can fit in a bag.

This another of the buildings in town that hold the heritage desgnation.Next to it, St. James Court and behind it the St. James Rectory also have been designated as historical buildings.

interior of the St. James Church, Orillia

An interior view of St. James Church, located in downtown Orillia. The warm hue of the wooden pews and architectural details plays nicely off the cream shaded walls.

St. Andrews Church, Orillia

St. Andrews Church - another of the larger churches in town, this one located on the corner of Peter and Neywash Streets and has been a recognizable landmark on this corner for many years. It's pretty colour and uniquely shaped towers with crenellated tops offer the passersby an image that catches their eye.

Like many of the old churches in town, it's well attended and offers meeting rooms and banquet halls.

Mundell's Funeral Home on West Street, Orillia

Mundell's Funeral Home - a long-standing business in Orillia, Mundell's has been around for...well, ages. The original victorian era building has had restorations and many additions added to it, but all are in keeping with it's original design. A rather large building with a number of rooms and beautiful decor, and some wonderfully helpful and caring staff. This has been a family run business for a very long time now, and the tradition continues. Located on West Street North where Penetang St. and Neywash converge.

Tre Sorelle's old building in downtown Orillia

Tre Sorelle - downtown on Mississaga St the Tre Sorelle shop had a wonderfully arranged window display containing gigantic ravioli pastas falling into a large pot. I this this is probably one of my favourite window displays. The new location of Tre Sorelle's larger restaurant is on Peter Street.