Artistic Orillia

Orillia in Black and White Artistic Views of Orillia Orillia's Famous Figures

Beach Pavilion in Couchiching Beach Park, Orillia

The beach pavilion near the old town docks in Couchiching Beach Park. Though it's structure is simple, it's a remnant from the Victorian era in Orillia. Picnics in the park were an outing families from the "city" looked forward to.

Park Bench And Gazebo in Couchiching Beach Park, Orillia

The pavilion/gazebo at the edge of Couchiching Beach Park in Orillia.

Country Garage in Oro Township along Bass Lake Sideroad

A pretty set of garages in the countryside near the edge of Orillia (along Bass Lake Sideroad). While this pair of buildings is slightly newish, the house that sites on the property to the right of this (and on a hill) scene is over 100 years old.

Orillia - Young On Coldwater Rd, located in downtown Orillia

The sidewall of an old house used as business offices. The stucco building is located on Coldwater Road, just past it's junction with West Street. Here, the ivy vines and branches are nearly devoid of leaves, and the colouring of the image gives it a rustic and weathered aura.

Yellow Coupe II; one of the vintage cars from the car show held annually in downtown Orillia

Vintage Ford coupe at the downtown Orillia Classic Auto Show.

Yellow Coup from the classic car show in downtown Orillia

A vintage yellow coupe on display at the annual Classic and Vintage Auto show in downtown Orillia.

Night Windows - a pretty window display from a shop in downtown Orillia, taken at night

A dressed store window in downtown Orillia displays a vintage bicycle painted white, with a basket full of roses and "Prince Charming" - in his frog persona. One of a series of shop windows from Orillia.

Orillia - Autumn Mood; fall leaves floating on the waters at Port of Orillia

An artistic rendering of autumn leaves floating on the harbour waters at the Port of Orillia (above and below images).

Floaters - autumn leaves floating in a black background, composed of multiple layers

Orillia Forests - Woodcut; an artistic interpretation of a forest lane at Bass Lake Provincial Park

A pathway at the Bass Lake Provincial Park done with a woodcut style and brown tones.

Orillia - Abandoned Farmhouse

An old farmhouse abandoned to the weather and time, it's windows mostly empty of glass, surrounded by bare winter trees. In the summer months, it's difficult to see this old homestead because of the many old trees covered with leaves. This is not a rare sight in the countryside around Orillia; many old farms exist with their original homes in ruins.

Orillia - Dawning Light; fronds with feathery tops against the morning light

Early morning light on small shoots of pampass grass at the edge of Lake Simcoe at Carthew Bay, just outside of Orillia.

Young Maple; the saturated green leaves of a young maple tree along the trail at Langman Sanctuary

The new leaves of a young maple tree. Orillia and it's surrounding area have many types of maple trees, from the dark leaved red maples to the maple known for it's syrup.

Orillia - Autumn Backlit; autumn leaves from a tree in front of the O'brien Street medical center

A closeup of autumn leaves on one of the trees at the O'brien Street Medical Centre, Orillia, Ont.

Orillia - Dark Leaves; oak leaves in shadow

Back-lit oak leaves on a large tree that stands outside of the O'Brien Street Medical Center at the corner of O'Brien and Mississaga Streets in Orillia, Ontario.

Field  With Horse; a farm field with white horse and autumn trees

Painted with three separate techniques and blended. Horse in Severn Township field (just outside of Orillia).

Orillia - Island Princess

An artistic rendering of the Island Princess cruise ship (or boat, if you choose) - here it's given a vintage feel on a dark evening, with lights blazing out of some of the windows. The "Princess" is berthed at the Port of Orillia - to the left you can just see the ticket house for the cruises.

Orillia - An Icy Dawn; a frozen morning on Lake Couchiching

An Icy Dawn - Seagulls stand on the light film of ice covering the inner shoreline waters of Lake Couchiching in late fall at Orillia's port. Orillia, Ont.

Orillia - Canada Goose in Winter Flight

Canada Goose in Winter Flight - Painted digitally in Corel Painter - Canada Goose in flight over Lake Couchiching.

Orillia - Dizzying Frost; spinning autumn leaves

Dizzying Frost on the Boardwalk - Frosty leaves shot using an old technique of twisting a zoom lens as the photo is shot. Taken along the boardwalk at Couchiching Beach Park in Orillia, Ont.

Orillia - Couchiching Emeralds In Mist; a green and white morning at Couchiching Beach Park

Couchiching Emeralds in Mist - Misty dawn at Couchiching Beach Park in Orillia, Ont.

Orillia - On The Wind; floating seeds of the milkweed plant

Orillia: On The Wind - The Langman Wildlife Sanctuary isn't just home to wildlife and birds, but many types of flora - from forest plants to water plants. Caught on the wind, these are the seeds of the prevalent milkweed plant, many of which can be found on the grounds at the sanctuary.

TreSorelle shop window, downtown Orillia with giant ravioli pasta

Window display at Tre Sorelle in downtown Orillia (Mississaga St. E.)

Small sailboats in early evening on Lake Couchiching

Orillia - Small Sailboats along the edge of Cedar Island on Lake Couchiching. Here, the boats are part of a class teaching youngsters how to sail.

The long standing Acqua Theatre at the edge of Lake Couchiching in Orillia's waterfront park

The Orillia Aqua Theatre - located at the edge of Couchiching Beach Park the Aqua Threatre has been around for a rather long time. Many summers one can find free Sunday Evening concerts here, from a variety of performers. During events held at the park the Aqua Theatre is often a main venue location. Behind the theatre is the shoreline and Lake Couchiching, in front are benches arranged in a semi-circle on a hillside rising towards the road. While seating is minimal, the audience is often found on blankets or fold up lawn chairs on the grass. As the audience faces the Aqua Theatre they also get a wonderful view of the lake and the beach (found to the right of the this photo one can see a small strip of stand at the endge of the beach).