Driving Tour for Fall Colours

A map for driving the country roads around Orillia.
This is only one of the road tours we take frequently, but I'm terrible with directions unless I write them down as we go. Not being the driver means I don't often pay attention to where we've been or how we got there, but I've had enough people email me trying to find some of the areas I've photographed that I thought it was worthwhile trying to make a few maps as we go.

Next time out, we'll take a different route and I'll try to produce another map.

This one starts where Hwy 11 and Hwy 12 meet, so it's mostly designed for anyone coming from outside of Orillia, but most locals will know how to find several of these areas.

NOTE; to DOWNLOAD the full size printable map, please don't click the picture - it's far too small. Click the link under the map to get the printable one.

An old wooden ship in a pond along the road at Marigold Springs, Orillia.
Marigold Springs
Coming off Highway 11 at Hwy 12 head west to Fairgrounds road. Turn right onto Fairgrounds Road and follow that until you see Division Road. Turn left onto Dividion Road and follow that.

Along that road, on your left will be Marigold Springs. This is a private home that's rented out for small weddings, wedding photos, etc. You can't go in, but you can see the old "pirate ship", pond, and small waterfall at the roadside if you want pictures.

Continue on Division Road until you Hit Line 10 (Oro) (just after the golf course). Turn left onto Line 10.

Autumn red, oranges, and golds dress a laneway of trees that meet overhead to crate a tunnel.
Winding country roads in the brilliant colours of fall.
Winding roads and hills, and the area we call the "Tree Tunnel". This is gorgeous in Autumn. The trees form a closed tunnel above the roadway, bursting with colour on a sunny day (note: it's also quite beatiful in winter after a snowfall, the type where soft fluffy snow clings to trees and sparkles in the sunlight). We usually stop in several areas along this road, and so it often takes us a while to traverse it, although the distance isn't huge, if you're an avid photographer, it will capture your eye.

Along this stretch in the flat areas, you'll find equestrian ranches, and horses.

When you reach the 15/16 Sideroad turn east and follow that til you come to a stretch of roadway that goes up over the highway and follow that. When you come off on the other side of the highway you'll turn right onto the 14th Line (S)(you'll see a sign for Shaw's Maple syrup) and follow that to Lakeshore Road E, and you'll be at the tip of Carthew Bay (nice scenery).

Turn left onto Lakeshore, and then left again onto Maplework Parkway (subdivision). When you reach Line 15 S, turn left again.

Along here, you'll see a parking area on the right for The Regan House, a 100+ year old log cabin salvaged from in town, restored, and moved to the edge of Scout Valley. This parking area also has trails into Scout Valley (beautiful in Autumn). Follow Line 15 to Old Barrie Road and turn right. Between Line 15 and Harvie Settlement Road, you'll see another parking area for Scout Valley on your right.

You'll also pass University Avenue on the left - where you can see both the Rotary Place Arena and Sports Fields, and beyond it, the Lakehead University.

Turning left onto Harvie Settlement Road, if you look to the right, you can see right over Orillia; in the distance, the OPP Headquarters, beyond that the HRC grounds, and the lake. A little further along Harvie Settlement Road (just after the few houses) is the old water tower. If you plan to try and take photos of the overview of Orillia, you'll need to be very careful. In the last couple of years they've fenced this area off, though it's open near the end where you turn off Barrie road, the hill in front of the fence is steep, and dangerous.

Once you come down onto Westridge from Harvie Settlement Road, follow Westridge and turn right onto Hwy 11 to get back to Hwy 12.