Orillia - Guitars on the Streets

In the summer of 2010 the streets of Orillia were festooned with large wooden guitars, each painted by local artists with their own design and style. These were mounted on large round concrete bases and placed along the stone-paved sidewalks of the downtown streets.

While I did manage to photograph quite a few of them, sadly, I didn't get them all. Here are some of the designs I managed to get on photo - all of these "guitar artists" had signed their work, but in most of these photos the artist's names aren't visible, and the plaques mounted on them are not readable. So, while the photos are my own work, please keep in mind that the designs and artwork on the guitars themselves belong rightfully to the artist who painted them. If any of the artists happens across this page, I'd be very pleased to give a name on the appropriate guitar, and if you have a website or online gallery, I'd be happy to place it here with your design. Just use the contact page to reach me.

Orillia Painted Guitars downtown, blue guitar with ear and sunflower design

Orillia downtown, painted guitar displays, deep red guitar with painted clock and angels design

downtown Orillia painted guitar display, multicoloured design on guitar with painted butterfly

Orillia downtown art display, painted guitars, birch trees with bluejay

dowtown Orillia, outdoor art festival, painted guitars, multicolour abstract design

Orillia painted guitar display, multicolour abstract design with red and black

downtown Orillia, painted guitar display, bright colourful paisley design

Orillia outdoor art display in downtown, guitars with paintings on them, this one is white with mirrored tiles and a treble clef in the middle

outdoor art display in downtown Orillia, painted guitars by local artists, this one with a red and white maple leaf design

a large wooden guitar designed by a local artist on display in downtown Orillia, it features a three dimensional design on the front and back of Jack and Jill

downtown Orillia outdoor art festival featuring guitars painted by local artists, this guitar has a sunset scene from Hawaii including palm trees

a large wooden guitar painted by a local artist with a scene from the woods with fairies, downtown Orillia

downtown Orillia outdoor art festival, large wooden painted guitars on display, this one is bright orange painted with red high-top sneakers with white shoelaces

Orillia downtown, painted guitars display, portrait painting on guitar

large wooden painted guitar on display in downtown Orillia, the design on this one is multicolour abstract in a picaso-like style

outdoor art display in downtown Orillia featuring painted guitars - this guitar has a design of sunflowers with a large parrot

Orillia outdoor art festival featuring large wooden guitars painted by local artists - this guitar is painted to resemble a package being mailed to alaska